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Have you ever put your child onto an app only to come back 10 minutes later and find them messing around with the camera or using a completely different app? The youngest children often do this because they accidentally pressed a button and didn’t know how to go back whilst older children do it because, well, that’s what they do isn’t it? With Guided Access you can prevent all that.

Guided Access allows you to lock your child into a single app. You can set a time limit so the iPad becomes disabled after a set period, excellent to help keep tabs on and control how long your children are spending on the iPad. I’ve found this feature particularly useful. Guided access can also control access to features such as the sleep / wake button as well as volume, motion, keyboard and touch controls. If you want to lock your child into a movie, for example, then you can choose to disable all the iPad controls so the movie stays on and plays without interruption. Guided Access is really easy to set-up and use that it's a surprise so many parents don't know it exists!

To set-up guided access:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap on General.

  3. Scroll down to the Learning tab and tap on Guided Access.

  4. Tap the button to enable Guided Access.

  5. Tap Passcode Settings.

  6. Tap Set Guided Access Passcode and set a passcode or use Touch ID.

  7. Return to Guided Access.

  8. Tap Time Limits.

  9. Enable the Speak option and select a Sound to play when time is nearly up.

  10. Close Settings.

To use guided access:

  1. Open an app, game or video that you want your child to use.

  2. Triple tap the Home button to enable Guided Access.

  3. Tap Options at the bottom left.

  4. Select the control options you want to enable or disable.

  5. Set the Time Limit you want to give your child.

  6. Tap Start at the top right to begin the Guided Access session.

And that’s it. Now you can set your little ones off to use the iPad and know that they’ll only be able to use the app or game you’ve set for the time limit you’ve given. Voila!

Other useful tips for using Guided Access:

  • To modify or end a Guided Access session just triple tap the Home button and enter your Guided Access passcode.

  • Guided Access keeps the iPad on (it doesn’t go to sleep) so make sure you end the Guided Access session after use and certainly at the end of each day or your iPad will be out of power by the morning!

  • If your child is using Guided Access in the evening then we’d also recommend lowering the Screen Brightness and turning on Night Shift to mitigate any ill-effects of looking at bright screens before bed times.

  • Guided Access when using Safari (the internet) will only keep your child in Safari and will not keep your child on a specific website. Therefore Guided Access should be used in conjunction with other parental control features and adult supervision when your child is on the internet.

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