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Cultural Capital in the new Ofsted Inspection Framework

  19th May 2019

Ofsted has recently published its draft framework for early years providers which will be introduced from September 2019. The introduction of Cultural Capital is one notable addition to the new framework that has the potential to cause, at best, a great deal of confusion and inconsistency. Here we take a closer look at cultural capital and provide some insight to help nurseries interpret it.

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Children living in poverty face significant barriers to learning

  21st April 2019

It has been widely understood for decades that poverty rates correlate with behaviour and academic outcomes in nursery and then in school. What is perhaps not so widely understood is the extent of the problem today.

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Play and child development: what can parents do to enhance it?

  30th March 2019

Almost all professionals in childcare and education as well as parents understand the importance of play in early childhood experiences. However, relatively little is known about how play drives development. The main answer lies in the development of self-regulation. Play, particularly well-considered and rich play opportunities, promote the development of self-regulation in children.

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Our 9 year olds built a walking robot

  2nd March 2019

Inspiring children in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths doesn’t have to be costly, complicated or time-consuming. That’s what I really like about the concept of monthly STEM project boxes from KiwiCo. They come in a well-packaged little boxes with all the instructions, parts, and other materials needed to complete a mini project. We bought a Tinker Crate from KiwiCo to try it out. After laying out all of the contents for a photo (below), we handed control over to a pair of 9 year olds. Here’s how it went.

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Your children will love this excellent STEM resource!

  16th February 2019

Nurturing a passion for the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) has never been more important. Play and learning in these areas forges the curiosity, creativity and perseverance that children will need to flourish in the modern world. But I always find it a lot of work trying to come up with age-appropriate ideas and then resourcing it so that all of the children get to do something productive. That’s why I love my latest find, and that’s why I think you will too.

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Learning through play: what are most nurseries missing?

  26th January 2019

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Is screen time harmful for children?

  13th January 2019

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Developing children’s philosophical thinking skills

  24th December 2018

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Being healthy in the first few weeks with your newborn

  2nd December 2018

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Five Fantastic Picture Books to Engage Boys

  10th November 2018

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