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Parenting tips for raising happy children

  18th August 2019

We all want our kids to be happy, that much is universal. And not just now but in the future too. However, the pressures of modern life make it sometimes seem impossible, perhaps not because we don’t think about it enough; but actually because we think about it too much. You often hear the term who’s going to entertain the kids? like we’re some kind of act to keep children amused. The perpetual social media bragging from other parents, who are away on some fun-packed adventure again, also doesn’t help does it? But what is it that really nurtures happy children?

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New Guidelines on Healthy Eating for Pre-School Children

  27th July 2019

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has updated its guidelines on healthy eating for young children. Created by a group of experts in nutrition, the updated information includes advice on portion sizes as well as vegetarian and vegan diets.

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Centre combines early years and elderly care in multigenerational programme

  8th July 2019

One particularly successful link is formed when nursery children work closely with senior citizens in elderly care settings, and some nurseries make these trips routinely. The children talk to the residents, sing songs, and perhaps tell a few jokes. However, Towerlight Nursery in Minnesota has taken this idea a step further in the development of multigenerational activities embedded within the curriculum it provides.

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Is your nursery doing enough to develop emergent number skills?

  22nd June 2019

I’ve visited many nurseries, even excellent ones, where there are lots of valuable opportunities missed in terms of developing children’s number knowledge. Here we share some good ideas to get you started along the path to developing a more effective numeracy rich nursery environment.

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Cultural Capital in the new Ofsted Inspection Framework

  19th May 2019

Ofsted has recently published its draft framework for early years providers which will be introduced from September 2019. The introduction of Cultural Capital is one notable addition to the new framework that has the potential to cause, at best, a great deal of confusion and inconsistency. Here we take a closer look at cultural capital and provide some insight to help nurseries interpret it.

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Children living in poverty face significant barriers to learning

  21st April 2019

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Play and child development: what can parents do to enhance it?

  30th March 2019

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Our 9 year olds built a walking robot

  2nd March 2019

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Your children will love this excellent STEM resource!

  16th February 2019

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Learning through play: what are most nurseries missing?

  26th January 2019

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